Custom Kicks

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Trainer Customisers to the stars, Matt B Customs, has done trainers for Ariana Grande, AJ Tracey and Marcus Rashford.

Now Matt, with his creative crew, Kelvin and Lola, are designing trainers for 6 lucky trainer fanatics. Each customisation brings the clients passions to life and results in some well-worn trainers being transformed into wearable art that tells the story of their lives.

The lucky customers include Marcio, who wants their Puma Calicut’s to reflect their childhood in Portugal while incorporating the non-binary flag. Hamoudaye who is obsessed with 90’s icons Biggy and Tupac and wants his revamped Nike Air Force 1s to help boost his Tik Tok following to over 100k. Afroditetoolively, aka Eve, the law student with a passion for rap who wants to light up the stage with some super bling trainers and Simran, who despite having over 300 pairs of kicks finds herself with nothing to wear with one of her favourite traditional Indian dresses.