Gross Up

E4 YouTube

There are more species of bacteria in our homes than there are species of birds and mammals on earth! In this gross new fact-ent format for E4 digital, we find out just how filthy our belongings are – by using state of the art microscopes and cameras – and find out exactly what pathogens – including viruses, fungi and bacteria are lurking on our things!

In each episode one lucky contributor is given the full CSI treatment, with their barf inducing belongings bagged up and sent to our lab for testing.

Playstation consoles, mobile phones, laptops, sliders, musical instruments…no object is off limits for our super sleuth team of Gross Up detectives.

Expert scientist Dr Alex Lathbridge, Scientist Ashleigh and super cleaner Kyle are in charge of the examination, and exploration of the objects, as our contributors prepare to be shocked and surprised. But happy outcomes are guaranteed, because all our objects are deep cleaned and restored as new before being returned to their owners.