The Pets Factor


Stacey Dooley takes us behind the scenes of some of the very best and most animal-friendly vets practices in the UK.

In this brand new series for CBBC, we’re going access-all-areas to the very best, most-caring, most animal-crackers vets in the whole of the UK. Our cast of amazing vets – including every pet’s best friend Cheryl, gentle James, cool Cat  (a vet not a pet! ) and rookie vet Rory  – are treating a whole host of cute and cuddly pets with a huge range of animal ailments.  There’s everything from a constipated snake, a balding chicken, a massive operation on a tiny goldfish and a dog that’s swallowed a smelly sock.

The series is presented by pet-lover Stacey Dooley and features cheeky animated back stories to bring the pet patients’ personalities to life.