The Pennines: Backbone of Britain


Stretching from Derbyshire to within touching distance of the Scottish Borders, the Pennine range is as beautifully varied as it is long. Narrated by Suranne Jones, this new series explores this magnificent upland range and meets the people who call its mountains, fells, hills and valleys home.

From the guardians of some of our most treasured places, to the farmers striving to overcome the toughest of conditions, to the adventurous who see the formidable escarpments and mighty rivers as a challenge to be met head on, it’s a programme that inspires the mind and warms the heart.

Moving north through four episodes, the series reveals just how diverse the so called ‘Backbone of Britain’ can be. From the Peak District, to the South Pennines, to the Yorkshire Dales, and finally the North Pennines. As the accents change, so does the scenery… and the way folk go about their lives.