Teen Mom: My Mum and Me


Brand new series that looks at three of the girls’ relationships with their Mums – aka, the person in their lives they just couldn’t live without.

For the first time we’ll see our Teen Moms and their own Mums sit down for a full, frank and heart-warming conversation.

Each episode explores a different mother-daughter relationship. For Sassi, Amber and Chloe nothing is off limits – as they talk boys, bras, ‘birds and the bees’, births and bombshell moments they’ve never spoken about with their mums before.

In Episode One Sassi and mum Toni rip the plaster off of their relationship, getting to the nitty gritty of their fallouts, their failures and even their fallopian tubes.

In Episode Two it’s time for Amber and mum Amanda to sit down for their frankest conversation they’ve ever had. Amanda gets told she’s unaffectionate and Amber says sorry for putting her mum through the nightmare teenage years.

Chloe and mum Sue in Episode Three talk about everything from losing confidence, grief, awkward and unprepared puberty moments, Chloe not liking the word ‘no’ and most importantly their unbreakable bond.

Sit tight for tears, laughter and everything in-between…