Million Dollar Baby

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Can a toddler become a self-made millionaire? Motivated mum Lateysha Grace is determined to set her daughter Wynter up for life. Step aside Kris Jenner, there’s a new momager in town.

Just how hard can it be to make a million?

Doting celebrity mum – Lateysha Grace – is determined to set her daughter up for life and help her make a million before she even starts school.

Lateysha’s motive is to give Wynter the financial security she never had; Lateysha’s childhood was difficult, poor and unstable and she wants better for Wynter.

With high stakes comes high drama as Lateysha and Wynter begin their emotional 12-month journey into the world of business and social media.

Lateysha’s very choosy about what jobs she will take on and she’s determined to refine her own image to suit her new momager lifestyle.

From launching her own baby clothing line, modelling with insta-pets, and starring in a music video, Wynter’s bank balance quickly becomes the envy of most two-year olds.

This eight part series follows the ups and downs of a unique mother and daughter relationship and shows how far a mother will go for her first born.