Domestic Violence & Me: Mia’s Story


Domestic Violence affects millions of women in the UK. And two women a week are KILLED by a current or former partner.

Mia Boardman was one of the lucky ones. As her ex strangled her a friend called the police. Her ex boyfriend, who she was with for a year on and off, was sentenced to 12 months in prison. Mia still relives the attack like it was yesterday. She still feels guilt, confusion, regret, fear. 

In this moving and poignant documentary Mia explores her feelings about the abusive relationship she endured, in depth.

The more Mia understands why so many suffer in silence, the more she feels empowered to help.

Mia meets other survivors, deceased women’s family members, she joins the Metropolitan Police on a domestic violence call out and works with a leading charity that runs 7 refuges. She also meets an ex perpetrator who has sought help to change his behaviour.

‘If I can help just one other person, that will be enough’, says Mia.

But we believe this documentary will do so much more.