Clare Thomas

Joint Head of Production

Clare has over 15 years of experience in Production Management for a range of broadcasters, in factual entertainment and documentary programmes.

Prior to joining True North, Clare spent 8 years in London working on a huge range of shows of all shapes and sizes including The Apprentice, 60 Minute Makeover and Ramsay’s Best Restaurant.

In her role as Production Executive, she works across all True North titles for Channel 4 and BBC as well as heading up our work with Albert and other environmental initiatives.

When did you join True North?  

So long ago I can’t remember! Over 10 years ago

What shows are you particularly proud of that you have worked on at True North and elsewhere?

I’m proud of all my shows, but I loved working on The Pets Factor with such a great team and getting involved with writing some of the animations.  I also worked on The Apprentice – it was incredibly hard work but loved it.

Anything that stands out about your career? all the weird & wonderful

No 2 days are ever the same in telly! A few memorable moments would be: Creating the dog car for Junior Vets, Eating my way through a barrier of cupcakes whilst working on The Apprentice and testing out the pranks for The Pets Factor.

What’s your favourite bit of your job?

When you’re thrown a curveball but you’re able to come up with a solution – so satisfying!

What show would you most like to make if you could make anything in the world?

Anything with David Attenborough.

Anything you feel really strongly about in the industry?

That Production Management receive recognition for the vital role they play in making programmes.

Anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?

Love a bit of karaoke!