Teen Mom UK Series 5


The smash hit series Teen Mom UK is back for a fifth series and the drama is a hundred miles an hour.

Teen Mom UK is back. And the big news is that Megan is back too and –  in show one – swallows her pride agreeing to a day out with Dylan and his new girlfriend. Who said three’s a crowd? Terrible tragedy besets Dylan later on in the series which puts this duo under more pressure than ever.

Sassi and Darren break up in spectacularly mysterious circumstances, and Shannon dreads her GCSE results but before long her whole life changes more than she could ever predict, Chloe gets a job at her Dad’s factory and Amber plans an engagement party… sadly not her own, but her and Ste finally try to put their demons to rest.

Sit tight for the ride of your life in new Teen Mom UK.

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