Mystery Of The Crossrail Skulls

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Channel 4

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Engineers digging for Crossrail have made a gruesome discovery – dozens of skulls under London’s Liverpool Street station.  It’s clear the skulls are from Roman London – but nothing like this has been found before. It’s a mystery which the film unravels using ground-breaking archaeological investigation.

Who are these people and how did their skulls get there? There are many theories – they could be victims of a massacre, or gladiators; they could have naturally washed out of cemeteries in times of peace or be executed rebels; they could even be the victims of some grisly, long-lost ritual.  Now for the first time they have the tools to solve the mystery.

The investigation takes us from Boudicca’s rebellion, to the bloody gladiatorial arena, to head-hunting sites in France…Have they found the answer to the mystery of the Crossrail skulls?