Leanne Thompson

Production Manager


When did you join True North?

October 2012

What do you do at True North?

I am a Production Manager / party committee enthusiast

What shows are you particularly proud of that you have worked on at True North and elsewhere?

I’ve really enjoyed working on reality programmes like Geordie Shore and The Real Housewives of Cheshire, however I am especially proud of the whole team that made Say Yes to the Dress Series 3 during the pandemic. To make a programme about weddings and dress shopping, when shops were closed and weddings on hold, was really a fantastic feat all round!

Anything that stands out about your career?

I am lucky to have spent a fair amount of time on location and really like getting stuck into everything. It goes a good way to having one united team.

 What’s your favourite bit of your job?

Apart from the wrap parties… I love getting the rough cut of a first episode and the team finally seeing what has been made out of everyone’s hard work.

What show would you most like to make if you could make anything in the world?

I’d love to work on a travelogue series, a airline access series or a music festival series. I will start dropping hints to the True North development team.

Anything you feel really strongly about in the industry?  

Bringing new talent into the industry and being respectful and kind to everyone, regardless of the role. I want people to want to work with me as much as I want to work with them!

Anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?

I was told at school that choosing Media Studies over History was a waste of time!