Kieran McCarthy

Director of Development


Kieran is True North’s Director of Development – creating new shows and devising new formats across a wide range of genres. Immediately prior to joining True North, he worked at Flying Saucer TV where he was behind Channel 4’s Lose Weight Like Me. Before that, Kieran spent two years at Manchester-based Gobstopper, rising to become Director of Development with responsibility for shows including Channel 5’s Filthy House SOS, MTV’s Just Tattoo Of Us and BBC3’s Plastic Surgery Undressed.

What production are you working on at the moment? 

The great thing about being Director of Development is you’re a little involved in all of them.

What are you particularly proud of in your TV career?

It’s a joy and privilege to create shows across all genres; from helping the nation stay healthy with Lose Weight Like Me for Channel 4, imagining bold factual events like Plastic Surgery Undressed for BBC3, or cleaning up Britain in Filthy House SOS for Channel 5. 

Any stand-out moments while working in TV?

Vice describing Just Tattoo of Us as the Greatest Show on British Television. That was nice.

If you could work on any show what would it be and why?

All or Nothing: Because who doesn’t like peeking behind the scenes into extraordinary worlds!

Are there any change you’d like to see in the industry? 

I’m passionate about championing the next generation of great developers in the North of England. And proving that the very best content for a global audience across genres can be developed and produced from the North.

Anything else you would like to tell us about yourself? 

Southerner loving life up north. Long suffering Spurs fan.