Christian Hills

Creative Director

Christian’s career at True North spans almost 15 years joining as Assistant Producer and further working his way up to Creative Director.

His broadcasting career originally began in Granada TV’s regional news and sports department and he has also worked for ITV and BBC in current affairs, factual entertainment and documentaries.

While at True North he’s made everything from single hours to multiple series and highlights include award winning documentaries Stealing Shakespeare and My New Hand, both for BBC One.

When did you join True North?

In 2010 for my second stint at the company – and I’m still here 12 years later!

What other shows are particularly proud of that you have worked on at True North and elsewhere? If this is your first job in TV – tell us a little bit about any achievements?

The single BBC docs I produced and directed – “Stealing Shakespeare” and “My New Hand” – are highlights but so is helping develop True North’s (TV) property empire, from a small 5-part daytime series to long running returning series like Building The Dream.

Anything that stands out about your career?

Having one of my shows described by The Times as ‘amusing enough’.

If you could work on any show what would it be and why?

It would be great to see how the other half lives and work on a huge drama such as Succession, Mad Men or Better Call Saul.

Anything you feel really strongly about in the industry – what is there too much of / not enough of / barriers to be broken / types of show to be made.

It would be great to see a true levelling up of TV commissioning with more key decisions being made outside of London. It’s happening, but it needs to continue and grow to have genuine impact.

Anything else you would like to tell us about yourself? 

Having spent over a decade commuting between Manchester and Leeds, I have an intimate knowledge of the M62: Junctions 9 to 27.