True North Launches Music Publishing Company

8th May

True North has joined forces with one of the UK’s most respected composers to create a new music publishing company, as part of a deal with one of the world’s top music companies, Universal Publishing Production Music (UPPM).

In partnership with Organiq Music, True North has formed “Pitch Music” to publish the extensive body of music composed for its national and international programmes. The two companies have collaborated for several years, with Organiq composing music for many of True North’s most successful and popular TV series, including “Animal 24:7” (BBC One), “To Build Or Not To Build” (BBC One) and “Dick and Dom Go Wild” (CBBC), plus high-profile one-off programmes like “Shannon – The Mother Of All Lies” (BBC One), “Death On Duty” (ITV1) and “Death of a Policeman” (BBC One).

As part of a deal with UPPM, all its music will now be available through the renowned Bruton Music’s BTV label and will be featured on more than twenty albums, all available to download and license from May 31st, 2012. Duncan Schwier, General Manager of UPPM, said: “Universal and Pitch Music is a really exciting partnership. It’s music made for TV – simple. It’s both creative and functional, and will be a Godsend for editors”.

Bob Bradley, co-founder of Organiq Music, said: ““This forward-thinking venture will enable a wider range of programme makers, directors, editors and music supervisors to have access to the vast catalogue of music that we have built up with True North over the years, also allowing us to carry on building a diverse and high-quality body of music created by an ever-growing pool of versatile composers”.

Organiq Music was formed in 2007 by top music producer and composer Bob Bradley. As well as composing for a huge range of TV programmes (including non-True North programmes such as Kirstie & Phil, Planet Dinosaur Files, Ground War and The Cosmos – A Beginner’s Guide – which won him an RTS Award) and many adverts for the like of O2 and Samsung, he has also produced and written for artists like The Sugababes, Girls Aloud, Natalie Imbruglia and Gabriella Cilmi.

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