Channel 4 orders The Naked Truth (w/t) from True North

29th March

Channel 4 orders The Naked Truth (w/t) from True North

Despite there being more ways to communicate than any time in history, most couples blame their break-ups on an age old problem – trust. We love each other but are we telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

In this highly-charged 10 x 45’ series for Channel 4 Features, The Naked Truth (w/t), from True North, invites us to join people as they have an intimate and honest conversation about the things they really want to know from our loved ones.

Expect heart-to-hearts and brutal honesty as ‘Human Lie Detector’ Dan Ribacoff puts couples, best friends and families in the hot seat and even reunites exes for conversations they thought they would never have. Lie detector tests will allow people to hear answers to the issues that have bothered them for a long time. But will the The Naked Truth (w/t) bring peace and a resolution to each burning issue?

Gill Wilson, Head of Features for Channel 4, said: ‘we all have a burning question about a relationship, especially ones that have broken down and watching people tell the truth is proving both fascinating and heart-warming.’

Fiona O’Sullivan, Executive Producer for True North, said: ‘it’s an exciting series that invites us to eavesdrop on the nation’s most honest conversations. The strength of the format lies in its stripped down simplicity, which has created a series that is really compelling’.

The show was commissioned by Channel 4’s Gill Wilson, and will be Executive Produced by True North’s Fiona O’Sullivan, with Stuart Froude as Series Director.

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