Channel 4 orders the Ex Detectors (w/t) from True North

1st December

Channel 4 orders the Ex Detectors (w/t) from True North

We don’t talk anymore. Devices have become the new portal for our relationships. Breaking up by text, having a family dinner in front of the TV and instant messaging our way through an argument has become the norm. But does it mean we are disconnected from the truth?

In this heart-warming 1 x45 for Channel 4 Features, The Ex Detectors (w/t), from True North, strips us back to basics and invites us to join an intimate and honest conversation about the things we really want to know but haven’t yet dared to ask.

Expect heart-to-hearts and fierce honesty as we put best friends, couples and families in the hot seat and even reunite exes for conversations they thought they would never have.

Lie detector tests will allow people to hear answers to the issues that have bothered them for a long time. But will the The Ex Detectors bring peace and a resolution to each burning issue?

Executive Producer for True North is Fiona Sullivan, with Gill Wilson Commissioning Editor at Channel 4.

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