Channel 4 Daytime order for True North

12th August

Channel 4 Daytime order for True North

Channel 4 has commissioned  True North to make ‘Too Many Cooks’ (W/T), a new 20 x 30 series to air stripped across the week.


The series will see amateur foodie couples from across Britain lining up to take the heat off stressed-out party planners and provide the catering for a special event.


Each episode will follow couples as they create menus and provide party food – all on a tight budget. If that wasn’t enough, each of the couples will also be competing to win the favour of the party host in order to get their hands on a coveted cash prize.


Will these cooking couples be able to delight their hosts and put on a five star bash? Or will their hunger to impress make it a party to remember for all the wrong reasons?


Commissioning Editor, Channel 4 Daytime, David Sayer said: “The show will combine fantastic characters with some heart-warming and fun situations. It’s a brand new cooking challenge with all of the right ingredients to really entertain viewers. ”


Jess Fowle, Creative Director, True North said: “We’re thrilled to be making this series. We know it taps into a very modern dilemma: everyone wants to host an amazing party with fantastic food but they don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen and missing out on all the fun.


“True North is known for the breadth of its brand and has already had great successes with a wide range of Daytime shows from escapism to crime, animals, property and food. We are extremely excited about the new creative challenges this competitive cooking format brings to the company.”


The show is series produced by Mark McMullen and executive produced by Jess Fowle.

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