CBBC commissions Junior Vets ‘On Call’ game from True North

7th April

CBBC commissions Junior Vets ‘On Call’ game from True North

Following high popularity for the Junior Vets Surgery desktop game, CBBC today announced that they have commissioned a second game, Junior Vets: On Call, to coincide with series two of the popular show Junior Vets.

Developed by True North and Stardotstar, Junior Vets: On Call is a HTML5 game designed for desktop, mobile and tablet. Junior Vets: On Call will contain multiple re-playable scenarios, allowing players to explore the British landscape and enabling the CBBC audience to become virtual vets on call – helping and rescuing animals in need wherever they might be.

Cheryl Taylor, Controller of CBBC, said: “The Junior Vets game was in the top 5 CBBC games of the year in 2013 and we’re thrilled to announce the commission of another Junior Vets adventure for the CBBC audience to enjoy, wherever and whenever they want. Junior Vets: On Call will allow audiences to get hands-on with pets and British wildlife in an engaging, educational and entertaining way.”

Jess Fowle, Creative Director of True North, said: “The Junior Vets Surgery game showed that children love the idea that they can actually make animals better.  The TV series shows children helping to operate on animals and getting stuck into the sort of hands-on veterinary work that would normally be strictly off limits for kids.  We wanted to give children the chance to get out of the vets’ surgery and to go ‘on call’ in their quest to help poorly pets and wounded wildlife.”

Junior Vets is an immersive series that sees six children enrol at Edinburgh University’s prestigious Veterinary School where they work and train alongside some of the best vets in the UK.  Junior Vets Series 1 was broadcast on CBBC in January 2013 and the second series is due to transmit later in the year.

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